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As an artist, I am constantly captivated by the interconnectedness of nature, emotion, and the human experience. My work serves as a visual exploration of these elements, seeking to bridge the gap between the tangible and the intangible, the seen and the unseen.

Drawing inspiration from the beauty and complexity of the natural world, I employ a variety of mediums and techniques to convey the essence of my subjects. Whether it is through vibrant brushstrokes, intricate craft work, or mixed media experimentation, I strive to capture the energy and vitality that resides within every form.

Emotion plays a pivotal role in my artistic process. I delve deep into the realms of introspection, aiming to evoke a visceral response from viewers by touching upon universal feelings and experiences. Through my art, I hope to create a space for introspection and contemplation, allowing individuals to connect with their own emotions and engage with the work on a personal level.

The human experience, with its intricate layers of identity, fascinates me. I explore themes of identity, memory, and the passage of time, drawing from my own experiences and those of others around me. By delving into these themes, I seek to highlight the common threads that bind us all together, reminding us of our shared humanity.

My artistic journey is one of continuous growth and exploration. I embrace experimentation, pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques and materials. By challenging conventional norms, I strive to create unique and thought-provoking works that invite viewers to question their own perceptions and engage in a dialogue with the art.

Ultimately, my aim as an artist is to create a sensory experience that transcends the boundaries of the canvas or sculpture. I aspire to evoke a sense of wonder, curiosity, and contemplation within the viewer. Through my art, I hope to foster a deeper connection with ourselves, each other, and the world around us, inviting us to pause, reflect, and celebrate the beauty and complexity of life.


Youngstown State University NEW FRONTIERS Publication
Article by Nicole Morello

Photo Credit: Forged From Stars Photography

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Master of Fine Arts - Interdisciplinary Art



Bachelor of Arts - Art Education



Bachelor of Fine Arts - Sculpture





Youngstown State University, 2019 - PRESENT


Sculpture and Ceramic Studio Assistant 


Judith Rae Solomon Gallery Director assistant


Social Media Assistant 


Classroom consultant intermediate drawing


graduate Council Member


Graduate premiere Scholarship recipient 





Central Valley School DistRICt, 2002-present





Artist experience


Youngstown State President’s office, Rose Marie Smith Gallery, Youngstown, Ohio

flow, McDonough museum of art, Youngstown, Ohio 

Art all night, 31st street studios,Pittsburgh, Pa 

Women of Appalachia project, Dairy barn art center, Marietta, Ohio

Magical Beings, Ketchup City Creative, curator, sharpsburg, Pa


Monster Mash, HopeCat - YA Gallery, Sharon

Season of the Witch, MadKat Gallery, Elizabeth, Pa

National Juried Exhibition, Delaplaine Arts Center, Frederick, MD

Out of shape Exhibition, Ketchup City Creative, pittsburgh, PA


New Frontiers publication featured artist, Youngstown state university, Youngstown, Ohio 

MFA Exhibition, McDonough museum of art, Youngstown, Ohio 

Into the Light, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh new member exhibition, pittsburgh, 


Student Art Association Juried Exhibition, McDonough Museum Award, McDonough museum of art, Youngstown, Ohio 

MFA Introduction Exhibition, McDonough museum of Art, Youngstown, Ohio

Lit Youngstown Collaboration, Youngstown, Ohio


Cleveland Institute of Art summer teacher residency, Cleveland, Ohio

Artists in Action Community Mandala,  Beaver, Pa

Collaborative Live painter art all night,  pittsburgh, pa

large scale mural free spirit acupuncture,  beaver, pa

beaver county humane society mural,  monaca, pa.                           

pennsylvania council on the arts blacksmithing grant

north hills art gallery,  pittsburgh, pa

agora Gallery, New York, Ny                                                                                         

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